[amsat-bb] Antenna Repair O.T. AEA 10-30 IsoLoop

Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Fri Jan 23 20:55:37 PST 2009

Only slightly off topic - does use for AO-7 Mode A make it close enough?

I'm trying to repair the outer plastic housing of an AEA Isoloop by first
gluing it back together and then possibly reinforcing the areas where it
broke if necessary.


The 1/4" black plastic housing has no markings to identify the type of
plastic and up to this point has resisted all the glues I have around the

ABS cement
PVC cement
2 part epoxy
Epoxy resin and hardener used for fiberglass
Silicon Marine RTV type
Contact Cement
Glue Gun
Crazy Glue is the closest to working  but not fully satisfactory

All these glues will flake off the test surfaces I have tried with more or
less effort.

Any suggestions on what, if anything, will weld these pieces together?

Thanks and
73, Alan VE4YZ


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