[amsat-bb] Please keep an ear open for a phoenix!

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 23 15:32:44 PST 2009

Hi All,

With the successful launch today of the new cubesats - congratulations to 
the teams involved - there is just a very small chance of also hearing 
signals from XO53 - SSETI Express!

SSETI Express was launched in November 2005 but, due to a failure within the 
power supply system on board, signals were only heard for a few hours. 
Investigations made after the launch indicate that it is just possible that 
the offending short circuit FET devices may, one day, go open circuit. This 
would allow power from the solar panels to again reach the electronics. It 
can be assumed that the batteries are pretty useless by now so it would only 
be likely to operate when in sunlight.

SSETI Express was on 427.250MHz - the same frequency as is now being used by 
PRISM and this is a request that, if by any chance you hear any strange 
noises on the frequency to please let me know! In this context, "strange 
noises" could be either short bursts of 9k6 data or even some very unusual 
"CW like" signals.

Similar things have happened in the past!

many thanks


PS - just in case...here is a more technical description of what might be 
heard -
- a sub 1 second burst of AX25 telemetry every 18 seconds.
-  simple on/off telemetry comprising 16 x 100msec carrier pulses. Either 
every 30 seconds or every 2 mins 

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