[amsat-bb] Re: Guess who turns 19 tomorrow??

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Wed Jan 21 20:50:42 PST 2009

I'll have to dig out some of the pictures I took in the Microsat Lab
in Boulder Colorado, as they were under construction . . .
 - some of the test images from WO-18  (hard to call those pictures now)
 - a flowchart I made for TLMDC ...     Sounds like a new webpage.!.
 I'll let yall know when it's ready.

I've been so proud of the ol' AO-16 bird, I made solder connections for
batteries, solar panels & regulators (BCR) on all four spacecraft. Who'd
have ever thought it would enjoy such a 2nd life as a voice repeater.

Speakin of the Microsat launch of 1990
- does anyone know the whereabouts of Dave Cowdin - WD0HHU ?
He was there in Kourou for the launch campaign,
but I've not heard anything from/about him for years and years now...
He used to conduct AMSAT HF nets, and our local nets in Denver.

* Mark, of course didn't recognize your N8MH - but your name looked more
and more familiar as I wrote this. I looked back in my log sheets for 1990,
and found AO-16 contacts with KB5MU, WD0E, KC4EBR, KC4SA, WJ9F, WA4SXM ...
all on the same page. It says you were in WhiteRock NM at the time.
Just readin those callsigns now, I can hear that raspy PB on PSK downlink...
and hear the FT-736 beepin crazy trying to keep up with the 437 doppler.

Seems you and Gene were on there most every night. You were my 4th AO-16
contact logged at 1904 on 30 Sept 1990. I guess that was via the digi,
as I didn't log messages sent via PB/PG. We must have spent months
collecting telemetry with Jim - WD0E, before we indulged in QSOs.
Then I took down my tower and moved.

My goodness - how time flies, nearly 20 years since I left Colorado . . .
 and you're in NC now...   and I'm in Huntsville.    Who'da thunkit.
   My my my  ~ ~ ~ ~
     * Thanks for the memory jog Mark      73 for now     /;^)
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