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Mike Ryan mryan301 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 21 17:34:13 PST 2009

A similar and related question. I'm building a 3element 2m and 7element 70cm beam using the Wa5VJB Cheap Yagi design ( I am thinking 1 inch PVC instead of wood). In the original design it puts both on the same boom, the 70cm antenna  in front of the 2M. This will make for somewhat a longer boom and I'm hoping for alternatives. I know the Arrow has the antennas interleaved as does the Cushcraft A270 and mfj-1868 but I cant help but think there is interaction between them that I wont have the equipment or expertise to compensate for. I will be mounting horizontal.

Instead can I stack them one over the other and if so how far apart? (same question as original poster). Or how about side by side? Will that be less sensitive and how far apart in that case?

Mike WB1AAT 

Angus angus at young5769.freeserve.co.uk 
Sun Jan 18 01:39:01 PST 2009 

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Hi all, perhaps what appears to be a simple question but how far apart do I need to space a 6 ele X yagi for 2mtrs (1 wavelength long) and a pair of 12 ele X for 70cms (horizontally spaced and 3 wavelengths long each). The antennas are all homebrew and I know that as far apart as possible is the best solution BUT this is not possible so just how far should I be looking for as a minimum? I am trying to make sure that the de-sensing of any other radio equipment is kept to a minimum (no fancy rigs here, an old FT817 for 70cms and a FT-480r with a 25 watt linear when needed).

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