[amsat-bb] ISS Crew Active!

Sebastian w4as at miamisky.com
Wed Jan 21 13:44:54 PST 2009

What a thrill to announce my call while I was just getting into the  
footprint of the ISS, and getting a response from Mike - NA1SS, of the  
crew of the Shuttle!

At first I didn't hear anyone, it was quiet, but I heard my downlink  
stronger than usual, and all of a sudden, I heard "W4AS this is Mike  
NA1SS of the International Space Shuttle".  I think my first words  
were, are you really in the shuttle?

He went on and worked a few more stations, he didn't seem to be in a  
hurry, and we actually had a bit of a rag chew, but at 4:30 pm eastern  
time, I guess there weren't too many hams trying to hear the ISS.

Just wanted to put this up here, so others can be aware that they are  
active on the 'repeater' 70cm up and 2 meters down.

At one point the signal was 60 db over S9, I should have turned my  
preamp off to see what the actual reading was.

If anyone recorded the pass I would love to have it.  Guess I should  
start to record them from now on.

73 de W4AS

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