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  There are several TNC's available I use, Paccomm Spirit-2, 38k4, 96k. 
KPC-9612 plus, 1200, 96k or 38k4 listen only. Symek made in Germany, TNC3S, 
TNC31S, 1200, 96k or 38k4 sat model. There are others the BB can address. 
Depending on the radio you have you have to purchase or make your own data 
cables to hook them all together..
  If you mention the radio you plan on using members of the BB doing 96k 
digital and having your rig would hopefully be encouraged to provide their 
  I prefer using my Spirit-2 for 96K with my IC910.

73 Bruce

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> hi, I am a novice satellite operator, but an experienced HF, VHF/UHF ham.
> I have just finished studying AO-51 systems in detail, and want to
> move on from voice comm to digital modes. For 96 kbps, is there any
> specific TNC/Modem/Combo hardware that is required, or highly
> recommended ?  Will the same hardware work with other baud rates ?
> Can you point me to a reference online ? I have the introductory books
> by ARRL on satellites, but they don't really have any specific
> information about the hardware (sources, price) , only its
> utilisation. My apologies if this is covered on the AMSAT website
> already.
> BTW, I am based near Alexandria, VA and am going to design a AZ-EL
> auto-rotator and antenna array for AO-51 as a project, which could be
> interesting.
> 73 de N3RDX/S21X
> On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 6:35 PM, Cox <snyderb at cox.net> wrote:
>> BB
>>  Tried out a new L/U setup before the snow starts. Good D/L using 910 /
>> Spirit-2 setup with WA4SXM the only one getting into the bbs. Negative
>> results on the U/L using a 50 watt amp and a comet CYA-1216E yagi, 
>> vertical
>> mounted.
>> 73 Bruce KG4YEV FM16vt
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