[amsat-bb] Re: software help

Bent, OZ6BL oz6bl at fern.dk
Mon Jan 19 04:53:11 PST 2009

Hi Nick

Nick Pugh skrev:
> Hi 
> The students at the University of Louisiana are flying a balloon with a KISS
> mode TNC on board. There data stream does not include the CRC error check.
How is their data encoded when it is 'on the wire' - or in this case on 
the air? Is it it still just a KISS stream or is it AX25-encapsulated?
> Do you know of any soundcard software that can  be configured to copy the
> data so they can look at the raw data on their ground station.
If the data is an AX25 stream then Soundmodem should be able to decode 
it and so my KISSlogger program (available on request) can log it for 
further scrutiny.

Best 73 de Bent/OZ6BL

(we met in Guildford last July at the AMSAT-UK symposium...)

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