[amsat-bb] Sat688 Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface ??

William Liporace - WC2L wc2l at wc2l.com
Thu Jan 15 16:39:23 PST 2009

Good Evening,

I am looking at finally getting my controller on the air. I have it hooked
up to a G-5400G rotor. Under SatPC32 it appears to only give you com port
access (1-4). Under Nova, it only gives you com 1-8.  Linux does not seem to
mind any thing, but I can not get rotctl to work.


Is there a program that works with this unit that does not limit com ports??

Any one using Ham Radio Deluxe?  Can it work with HRD?

Is there any one that has this working under Linux?

Any one using a TS-790 in either OS?


I know there are more questions, but I have not gotten this to work. 


TNX es 73 Will WC2L


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