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Thanks, Patrick!
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> Hi Tim! 
> > My experience in seven months of working the FM satellites and, more 
> > recently, the ISS, is to leave the transmit frequency alone. Period. 
> Keep in mind that the ISS TM-D700's receiver is that of a ham mobile 
> radio, not the broader receivers we're used to on the FM satellites like 
> AO-51 that are essentially compensating for the small amount of Doppler 
> shift on your 2m transmit frequency. Whether or not you have to vary 
> your 2m transmit frequency for the current ISS crossband repeater will 
> depend on many variables related to your station and the ISS ham gear. 
> What may be needed for one pass might not be needed on others. 
> On an ISS pass yesterday morning, I had to start the pass transmitting 
> on 145.985 MHz with the PL tone. Once I was ready to tune the receive 
> VFO down from 437.810 to 437.805 MHz, I was able to move my transmit 
> frequency up to 145.990 MHz for the remainder of the pass. Due to the 
> buildings around the hamfest site yesterday, I was not able to work that 
> pass all the way to LOS. If I had, I might have had to move my transmit 
> frequency up to 145.995 for the last minute or so. If I had a 2.5 kHz 
> tuning step on my radio, I would have used that and started talking on 
> 145.9875 MHz before moving up to 145.990 MHz. 
> With all of that said, it has been fun to have the cross-band repeater to 
> use - both in V/U and (previously) U/V modes. I hope it can be turned on 
> more often in the future. 
> 73! 
> Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 
> http://www.wd9ewk.net/ 
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