[amsat-bb] ISS Crossband Repeater

Andrew Koenig andrewkoenig at thathamkid.com
Sun Jan 11 19:06:20 PST 2009

Tonight I had one of the best times I have ever had on the satellites. I'm
not too sure you all would enjoy it for the same reasons, but I thought it
was amazing.

I was starting to receive the bird, and I tried TX'ing into it, but for some
reason the tone didn't stay programmed into my FT-60. So with one hand I'm
trying not to loose the satellite with my arrow antenna, while with the
other hand I am trying to program the radio.

Eventually I give up on programming it so it automatically does the split,
so I program in 145.99/67hz tone on one channel, and then 437.805-437.790
(in 5khz steps) in the other channels. Once I got it all programmed enough
so it will work, the ISS is at the peak, and I was literally recieving it at
full strength, where all of the bars in my HT are lit up.

At this point in the pass, it seemed like I was doing pretty well between
the 5 different tasks, aiming the antenna, polorization, doppler, switching
between TX/RX channels, and making contacts. I really enjoyed this part
because it worked, despite the severe improvisions I had to make to get it
to work.

Although I only made three contacts (W5KUB, W5VG, WA4NVM), I would still
consider this a very successful pass.

Andrew Koenig
The 15 year old ham

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