[amsat-bb] Re: New CubeSat Launch

Masahiro Arai m-arai at a.email.ne.jp
Wed Jan 7 09:42:35 PST 2009

Each satellite team has nice web site. Some of them are in English.
Please refre to the URLs.
The satellites are not CubeSat. Size is bigger than CubeSat and platform
is unique.

The estimated orbit is
  orbit: Sun synchronous
  altitude: 660km
  inclination: 98.1deg
  period: 98min

I'v not seen keps elements yet.

  31x31x35cm, 28kg
  http://www.sorun.co.jp/kagayaki/top.html   sorry, Japanese only

STARS(Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite)
  KU (Mother Satellite) 16x16x25cm
  KAI (Daughter Satellite) 16x16x15cm

  15x15x15cm, 3kg
  http://www.kouku-k.ac.jp/~kks-1   sorry, Japanese only

PRISM(Pico-satellite for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions)
  20x20x40cm, 8kg


JN1GKZ   Masa     Tokyo Japan

>Hello Mineo,
>I hope all goes well with the launch; these are certainly interesting 
>satellites. Since many of the webpages are in Japanese only, do you know if 
>there are any two way packages that might eventually be made available to 
>amateurs worldwide?
>I noticed the CW beacons are mostly clustered within 190khz of each other. 
>That is fortunate, and I'd like to think by design? I intend to record some 
>of the initial passes via my SDR-IQ, which may be helpful in sorting out the 
>initial keplerian elements based on Doppler shift.
>73 and good luck to JAXA,
>Drew KO4MA
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] New CubeSat Launch
>> Liftoff: 03:54(UTC) on Jan.21, 2009
>> Vehicle: H-IIA F15
>> Launch: Tanegashima Space Center in Japan
>> Payloads: GOSAT (Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite) IBUKI
>> Piggyback Payloads:
>> Satellite              Downlink     Beacon      Mode          Callsign
>> KAGAYAKI (Solan Co.)   437.375      437.375     FSK9k6/CW
>> STARS (Kagawa Univ.)   437.485/465  437.305/275 FM/CW 
>> KKS-1 (Tokyo MCIT)     437.455      437.385     AFSK/CW       JQ1YDG
>> PRISM (Tokyo Univ.)    437.425      437.250     AFSK/GMSK/CW  JQ1YCX
>> SOHLA-1 (ASTRO TECH.)  437.505      437.505     AFSK/CW
>> SPRITE (Tohoku Univ.)  Scientific observation satellite
>> SDS-1 (JAXA)           Small demonstration satellite
>> http://www.jaxa.jp/countdown/f15/overview/sub_payload_e.html
>> http://www.jaxa.jp/countdown/f15/overview/ibuki_e.html
>> http://www.jaxa.jp/countdown/f15/overview/h2a_e.html
>> http://www.jaxa.jp/projects/sat/gosat/index_e.html
>> JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

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