[amsat-bb] doppler tuning problem

Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.net
Tue Jan 6 22:21:50 PST 2009

Hi all,

Now that I finally have SatPC32 working with my 817, I'm having a new issue
with Doppler tuning on the SSB birds. I tune around the passband until I can
hear a station clearly. When there's a break, I transmit my call. The other
station will hear me, but by the time the reply comes, I can no longer hear
them clearly. It's almost as if the automatic Doppler tuning either can't
keep up with or goes too fast to stay locked onto the correct frequency. I
know its not the other station's frequency adjustment because this happens
when there's a QSL already happening and they seem to be Doppler shifting at
the same rate.


Any suggestions?


Thank you,




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