[amsat-bb] Still not getting into the ISS...

Gordon JC Pearce MM3YEQ gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Mon Jan 5 17:49:15 PST 2009

I tried again just now on the (fairly high) pass over the UK and EU.
Heard a couple of EA and SM stations on, but I couldn't open the
repeater myself.

I had my Kenwood TH-F7E handheld with the cross-band Yagi, and a
Jingtong JT-308 with its own rubber duck listening for the downlink.
The Jingtong was picking up a huge signal from the ISS - very very good
reception indeed.  I just couldn't seem to get the repeater to open for
me at all though.  Any suggestions?  I know the TH-F7E and antenna work
well for LEO satellites, so I figured it would work for the ISS.


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