[amsat-bb] follow up on lindenblads

francesco messineo francesco.messineo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 14:36:29 PST 2009

Hello all,

for those interested in further results with two lindenblad antennas
(see my earlier post for a description of the setup), I had the
opportunity to already test a couple of passes of the ISS configured
as V/U repeater.
The received signal is very strong already an S9 from 2 degrees of
elevation and peaks to S9+40 when the ISS is higher than about 14
degrees. Usually there can be some deep fades during the pass. The
transponder is accessible if not too many stations are txing at the
same time. I couldn't complete any QSO in a 80 degrees (max) pass
(many european stations heard), but completed two QSO in a 30 degrees
pass over south europe. Unfortunately the frequency pair isn't very
friendly for the FT-847, it receives its own spurii or harmonic when
the doppler correction hits a certain frequency pair at the second
half of a pass.
On the linear sats (VO-52/FO-29) I'm able to complete a mean of one CW
QSO per pass, AO-07 is much more difficult because my own signal is
very low and other signals are greatly frequency modulated and thus
very difficult to decode (for my poor cw skills).
Again things would be much easier with preamplifiers under both
antennas, but I think only CW QSO would be possible anyway (but
probably a lot easier than now).

Francesco IS0/IZ8DWF

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