[amsat-bb] RH and LH CP simutaniously

Sun Jan 4 12:49:31 PST 2009

In theory, it would sort of work for receive. But don't try to TX through the array as it would create interference to other users on adjacent frequencies on TX (NOT GOOD). 

Now as far as the RX application;
If you think about it those adjacent frequency users would also mix with the switching frequency and become interferers to your desired RX frequency. Interesting idea if it could be made to work. 

However if you have a second receiver, no reason you could not have a diversity RX setup to select best polarization.

    Hi all,
    Has anyone ever considered the possibilty of using PIN diodes and a free
    running square wave oscillator to electronically switch between RHCP
    and LHCP?
    The switching frequency would have to be high enough so as to not
    a tone to the signal.

    Just a thought I have had for awhile.


Joe Leikhim K4SAT

"Use only Genuine Interocitor Parts" Tom Servo  ;-P

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