[amsat-bb] Re: How to do 1.2ghz when sat radio is FT-847

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sat Jan 3 13:06:55 PST 2009


I use an FT-847 on 2m converted to 1268 by a 15w transmitting 
converter that was made by DEMI (original cost $450).  However it is 
no longer made by them.  They tooled up before AO-40 failed and got 
stuck with inventory with no market.  I suspect that they will not 
make another until an established Heo is orbiting on mode-L.  Not 
enough market for them.

It is my understanding that Kuhne Engineering in Germany is producing 
a 144/1268 Tx converter:

It only outputs 1w so you would need a PA to follow it:

this would give you 30w.

You can order from Kuhne directly from Germany.  They have a dealer 
in the US: ssbusa, but I do not recommend them either on cost or 
speed of delivery.  You will pay shipping from Europe and have to 
transfer funds into Euros.  Kuhne equipment is excellent quality but 
at a price.  I did not find a price page so you may have to e-mai for 
info.  Michael Kuhne is DB6NT, a well respected mw engineer and mw ham.

73, Ed - KL7UW
80m to 3cm

At 10:01 AM 1/3/2009, Michael J. Wolthuis wrote:
>I am excited with all the late use of 1.2ghz and want to get involved.
>I have an FT-847, which doesn't have a 1.2ghz option.  So what are
>others doing?
>Here were my thoughts....
>1) Add a 910 for 1.2ghz - expensive
>2) Utilize my TS-2000 (currently HF) for 1.2ghz by adding UT-20 - not
>sure how hard the add-on is to do
>3) Buy another radio (?????) for 1.2ghz use
>4) Is there some way to use the FT-847?
>If there is references out there to this, Google did not do me well,
>please send links and pointers.
>Thanks and hopefully I'll be on 1.2ghz soon.  I have an antenna and 50ft
>of inch and a quarter to the shack on the Sat rotator, but just never
>hooked it too anything.
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