[amsat-bb] Re: How to do 1.2ghz when sat radio is FT-847

Sat Jan 3 12:57:31 PST 2009


The TS-2000 is a very capable satellite rig, and the 1.2 gig module will get
you on mode L.  According to the sales sites, you need to have the module
installed by a dealer or from the factory.  So in one sense, the
installation is easy.  Let somebody else do it.  ;)  At about $500-600 plus
installation, it is probably comparable in cost to a good external
transverter and avoids all the quirks of interfacing and deciding which IF
to use.  Note that 10 watts out is really marginal, and you need an
amplifier in the 50-100 watt range along with a good antenna to make
satellite operating more than a chore.

The FT-847 works well with a transverter.  I regularly operate AO-51 in the
various modes using mode L as an uplink, and with a little recabling worked
the ISS in mode LV about as well as could be done.  There is a brief note in
the July/August AMSAT Journal about using TX transverters with 2 meter IFs
when you need to be able to RX on 2 meters.

One thing to consider whether you are talking about amplifiers or
transverters, is that terrestrial communication centers around 1296 MHz,
while space communication centers around 1269 MHz.  Almost all equipment is
designed for the higher and much more common frequency.  The amps often need
retuning for the lower frequency, and are less efficient.  Likewise,
transverters will require significantly different crystals to get the IF
where you can use it.

Going with the TS-2000 and adding a brick amp is the easiest and cleanest
way, but if you are a good scrounger, not necessarily the cheapest.


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