[amsat-bb] RHCP Cheap Yagi project a success

Curt Nixon cptcurt at flash.net
Sat Jan 3 11:54:28 PST 2009

After receiving lots of help--especially from Howard, G6LVB--I got the 
newly modified RHCP 10el cheap yagi up on the mast this morning.

Previously, using the original 10el linear antenna, I was unable to make 
a QSO on SO-50.  I could hear stations but not well enough to work.  
Well, first try out of the gate on SO-50 this afternoon, I made several 
contacts 5x9.  So it works better than I had hoped.

The really interesting part of this story is that I dont have any way to 
check this antenna or its matching stubs, etc.  Just built them 
carefully, made the stubs carefully, and followed directions.  I'm still 
working on acquiring some basic tools that will work at this frequency.

So, it is possible, with little or no extra equipment, to get the job 
done.  This system is still running barefoot--no preamp--and no 
elevation control--but it works pretty well considering.

Thanks for all your help gentlemen.


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