[amsat-bb] Active ISS L/V with 10W and 16 element yagi

MAC1 dimtcho at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 3 02:06:14 PST 2009

Hi to all,

Just to confirm that I made a contact with ISS L/V repeater using the  
following set up:

FT 736R  with 10W on 1.2 GHz
16 El Comet 1216E horizontal yagi on 1.2 GHz (16 db gain, 54 inches  
long )
120 Ft of LMR 400 from the shack to the top of the tower (loses 4.5  
db/ 100 ft  @1.2 GHz)
ERP is less than 120 Watt ( not counting the "N" connectors )
Using manual doppler (hard to tune with the SatPC32)
Time was 9.33 AM UTC  (1.33AM local time), location Vancouver, BC,  
Canada, CN89
Max elevation 42 deg, I turned the repeater at around 32 deg  
elevation with FM-N.
Talked to myself for about 30 sec or so... lost again around 32 deg ..


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