[amsat-bb] Active- ISS L / v Repeater 01.50utc UK / Europe Pass

peter evans mw0cxh69 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 2 19:00:06 PST 2009

Worked the iss cross band repeater this morning for the 1st time in L/V mode and was able to open the repeater on the last 2 passes.
I could hear myself very well on the down-link , I used manual Doppler correction on the up-link in 5kc steps and worked ok.
Many thanks for the reports that have been sent to me from dl7et and ea4bgh and the qso I had with Dave g8oqw who I could hear for 98% of the time with his 10 watts.
Set-up here...
Kenwood TS 2000X
65 watts at the antenna end,
2 x 23 element tonna antenna stacked 
And one hell of a cold night to go up on the roof to alter my 23cm troppo system to go on the elevation rotator, but I had to give this a go!.
     Peter MW0CXH
Imagine a life without walls.  See the possibilities. 

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