[amsat-bb] Re: Decoding GO-32 data

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Fri Jan 2 17:03:05 PST 2009

At 03:26 PM 1/2/2009, N1MIW wrote:
>    I was wondering if anyone has tried to record a .WAV file of this bird &
>decode it later on. I've seen some archived posts where MixW was used, but
>it wasn't clear what the individual did to set up the software. I've tried
>tinkering around myself with MixW - I played the file back & ran a cable
>from the speaker out to the line in on my computer, but I don't think I had
>the 9K6 protocol set properly in the program (basic changing of the
>parameters didn't work either).
>I guess I'm looking to "cheat" from you guys since I can't get any decodes.
>Is what I'm trying to do even possible?
>For a little info on my station setup:
>audio is captured from the DATA port for 9K6 & higher speeds
>auto track for antennas & doppler
>Audio recording in 8khz mono (could there be a problem here???)

Yes.  For 9K6 (9600 baud data) you should recover audio from the 9600 
line (pin-4 on the Packet Jack).  Did you misspeak when you said 
"DATA".  On the FT-847, there is a separate DATA jack that provides 
for audio output/PTT and audio input for psk modulation/demodulation.

Likewise your recording speed should match or exceed 9600 Hz (others 
correct me if this bad advice).

PS:  I used MIX-W2 for recovering telemetry from AO-40 (but I am far 
from an expert on using MIX-W).

>...I receive GO-32 quite well with an S-5 or better on some passes, so
>receiving the signal is not an issue. Even if it's just sending telemetry
>right now, it would be fun to play with the high-speed data. Is there
>another program I could use for decoding the data? Any help is appreciated!
>73's from FN41

Have you checked the Amsat-NA website?  It has been some time since I 
captured telemetry so maybe someone else could help with GO-32 data

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