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Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 1 13:53:18 PST 2009

I'm not sure how often David updates that page. Keep in mind it's not an 
AMSAT hosted or maintained page. I use it often myself, and wouldn't mind 
helping to update some of the links to the newer ones. I think there are a 
few newer cubesats that might ought to be added too.

The older AMSAT pages are from the previous version of the website, which is 
kept available for reference and other reasons. Rick did recently tag the 
outdated sat status pages so Google would skip over them. Perhaps it's time 
to archive them out of plain sight.

73, Drew KO4MA

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> Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>>> I would go to this site: http://oscar.dcarr.org/index.php
>>> Click on the satellite names, such as AO-51, etc.  That links to the
>>> 'home' page of each satellite, and gives you a lot of information.
> Is that page under active maintenance? It's a great resource and it
> would make sense to keep it updated.
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