[amsat-bb] M2 Az/El rotator, with RC2800 controllers - use with 'standard' ham SW, eg NOVA

Jim Heck jimlist at milnet.uk.net
Tue Sep 30 03:56:27 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

  We have recently installed an M2 az/el system, with two of the controllers
mentioned above. The controllers are separate units, linked with a single
ribbon cable.

  The units work OK when given raw commands using hyperterm, but only the
last addressed unit seems to send back to hyperterm its info as it moves. Ie
send a command to change Az, followed immeadiately by a command to change
El, and only the El position appears in hyper term as its changing.

  Command the az/el from the front panel of the units works OK, also.

  When we try using 'standard' ham satellite software, eg Nova, nothing
seems to happen. The rotors just dont budge.

  If anyone has any experience in solving this problem, I'd love to hear
from them

Genso Team F

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