[amsat-bb] Telemetry question

Bob DeVarney W1ICW we1u at verizon.net
Sun Sep 28 12:30:48 PDT 2008

For Compass-1, try 437.275 CW mode for the beacon. Should come every 3 
minutes or so. The cw is very "chirpy"; once you hear it you'll know 
what I mean.

The cw can be copied in FM mode, but the "sound" you hear will be the 
space between the dots and dashes, not the dots and dashes themselves.. 
think about it and you'll understand... NH7WN has good luck copying 
"visually" by recording the audio and then analysing it visually in 
Audacity. Send him an email if you're interested.

You might  hear AFSK 1200 baud packet on 437.405 as well, but only very 
occasionally, and never in eclipse.

With M2 30 elements CP and a SSB preamp at the antenna, I only get the 
bird S-7 to S-9 tops, so you might have a hard time hearing it with an 
Your actual mileage may vary.
I have considered an eggbeater as well, if for no other reason than to 
save wear and tear on my 20 year old Yaesu 5400 rotor !

73 de Bob W1ICW

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