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David - KG4ZLB/MØZLB m0zlb at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 25 19:31:13 PDT 2008

Hi Howard,

Always happy to volunteer but geographically speaking I can't really be 
much help to AMSAT-UK except on rare trips home  :-)

Trevor (M5AKA) is the AMSAT-UK PR guru and does a fine job - after I 
brought this to his attention I believe he will be in touch with the BBC 
to have the article corrected.

Of course mistakes happen but if no-one notices them and reports them 
then errors remain and for something as high profile as this we really 
can't afford to pass up on any publicity.

 In response to your e-mail though, I am not sure why "volunteers" would 
need to be "experts" in PR - the question asked by the media would be 
"/how is the contact made/", the answer would be "/amateur radio"/ - how 
satellite phones got mentioned and by whom is more the issue I would 
have thought!

Having been part of a team that conducted a highly successful School 
contact a couple of years ago, I am well aware of the enormous pressures 
that are ever present with these things and therefore things can slip! 
We had two TV News crews and 3 local papers in attendance and we had 
pre-prepared Q&A crib sheets for them to ensure that the subsequent 
reporting was as controlled and therefore as accurate as possible.




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Howard Long wrote:
> Hello David
> If you are offering to help to do PR then please do so. I don't think any of
> the _volunteers_ today profess to be experts in that field.
> Of course we'd love to have amateur radio stated everywhere. That is my
> prime objective after making a successful contact. It was mentioned in the
> BBC clip, but only once. We welcome help from those who are able to make
> this work better.
> 73, Howard G6LVB

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