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Eric H Christensen eric at christensenplace.us
Thu Sep 25 08:37:57 PDT 2008

I'll have to agree with Tim.  I dusted off my arrow a few days ago and walked outside to work AO-51 and I haven't had any problems at all.  I have been consistently working three and four stations a pass using 5-watts or less and my arrow antenna.  I remember when it was quite difficult to get into 51 with the same setup.  Maybe people have gotten more polite or maybe it's just luck.

Eric W4OTN

>For what it's worth, guys ... any day can be QRP day.
>I'll soon be applying for the AMSAT Achievement Award using confirmed contacts 
>that were all made while I was transmitting 50 milliwatts RF out from my Yaesu 
>VX-7R, on 2 AA Duracells - the same set of AA Duracells, actually. I ended up 
>making 51 contacts at 50 mW RF out, and another 3 at 300 mW RF out, from that 
>one set of Duracells. 
>Only 4 of the 20 contacts I'll use for the Achievement Award came on AO-51's 
>QRP pair of 145.880 up and 435.300 down. The other 16 contacts included all 
>three Mode-J FM LEO satellites during operation on the standard V/U pairs. It 
>took me six days of operating to wear out the Duracells, and I ended up with 
>20 states, Ontario, Mexico and Venezuela worked. The highlight for me was 
>state No. 20, thanks to Mark, WA8SME - it was my first-ever contact (any mode, 
>any band) with W1AW. That was cool!
>So any time you'd like a QRP day, just reduce the output power and go for it!
>73 to all,
>Tim - N3TL
>AMSAT Member No. 36820
>Athens, Ga. - EM84ha
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>> Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF wrote: 
>> > Remember the weekly QRP day on ALL the sats until a few years ago? 
>> I actually like the idea of a QRP day. When Drew started bringing the 
>> 2nd V/U transponder online last winter/early spring it was fun to have a 
>> (nearly) empty satellite to play on and see "how low I could go" to get 
>> in. (5W into a vertical) 
>> Now that I'm testing a more directional antenna, it would be fun to not 
>> have to deal with the 50W stations muscling through. 
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