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Doug Kuitula ka8qcu at pasty.net
Sat Sep 20 17:14:33 PDT 2008

 Mark Jim,
  Just wanted to say that I've gone through the same thrill as you with my
 first contact on the birds. I'm doing it the what you are with a handheld
 and an Arrow antenna. It took me a good month of just listening and getting
 used to the procedure, as well as the doppler shift, before I actually made
 a contact. Like you, my next step will be a basic rotor with a small
 antenna. As they say, "One step at a time".
  But the best time I've had is exposing my great niece and nephew (5 and 6
 years old) to amateur radio satellites, as well as a small telescope. They
 probably think their uncle is a bit strange, but they had a lot of fun.
 Anything we can do to expose them to science will pay off in the future.
 73 de Doug KA8QCU

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> > Jim
> >
> > I would like to add to your comments.  I have been a ham for 31 years,
> a
> > DXer almost from the start.  CW has been my mode of choice, and I have
> never
> > run more than 100 watts (I get a lot of grief from the hard-core DXers
> > not using QRO, but that is another story).  I have always wondered about
> > AMSAT, but never wanted to invest in the heavy duty equipment and
> antennas.
> > With the sunspot lulls and a new FT817 from my XUL last Christmas and no
> > progress in the sunspot department, I decided to see what all the
> excitement
> > was about.  Starting in April with 5 watts and a hand-held Arrow
> > yagi, I had a rejuvenated ham experience working satellites.  My hands
> shook
> > with excitement when I made my first QSO through AO-51.  The thrill was
> just
> > as great when I worked MODE A on AO-7 two weeks later.  The Doppler on
> > and SSB is an interesting challenge, but the satellite prediction
> > (thanks, Simon for HRD!) make it much easier.  Instead of firing up my
> > on HF first thing, I now check the satellite passes first to see what is
> > available!  My Arrow is mounted on a radio shack rotor in the attic at a
> > fixed elevation of 20 degrees, and I have heard every satellite that I
> > listening for so far.  What a thrill!  I agree with you Jim, this puts
> even
> > more excitement into the hobby for me.  Although so far I have heard
> > bird active, I have already re-worked a couple of hams in just the 30
> QSO's
> > made so far.  I like how Patrick WD9EWK is actively evangelizing the
> > satellites, and others are doing the same.  I think it's time for a demo
> at
> > my local club meeting, and for groups beyond ham radio.  This is another
> > entry point for non-hams into our hobby.
> >
> > 73, look forward to hearing you on the "birds"
> >
> > Mark Lunday
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> > http://wd4elg.net
> >
> >
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