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By having circular polarisation that matches the satellite (RHCP or LHCP but 
the same polarity) you have very little QSB fading during the pass of the 
satellite. Using my own system I normally start a pass on Horizontal as the 
satellite is at AOS and then when it rises switch to the correct circular 
polarity and as the satellite gets near to LOS I am back on horizontal 
polarity with good quality signals through the entire pass.
try listening to a NOAA weather satellite on 137mhz on a fixed polarity 
antenna i.e V or H and for some of the pass the signal is very good but as 
the signal changes polarity the signal drops down into the noise and through 
the satellite pass you will get these peaks and troughs of signals. This is 
why if possible it is best to use circular or better still have the ability 
to switch polarity during the pass.
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> On Fri, September 19, 2008 16:58, Ryan Butler wrote:
>> Tim Tapio wrote:
> Hi Tim,
>>> How much signal reduction is there as the result of having the wrong
>>> circular polarization?
>> The difference between RHCP and LHCP is 20 dB
>> The difference between Horizontal and Vertical Linear is 20 dB
>> The difference between (RHCP or LHCP) and (Horizontal or Vertical) is 3 
>> dB
> If I understand right, you only get 3db extra when using CW/CCW but I have
> also read somewhere that you also lose 3db when running CW/CCW so why use
> Circulair polarisation and not just Horizontal or Vertical pol.
>> Ryan, NF0T
> 73's Jan / PE0SAT
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