Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 19 13:19:49 PDT 2008

> OLPC produced a user-repairable (to a degree!), 
> 2-watt laptop with built-in wifi, mesh 
> networking, and a screen viewable indoors or 
> out... so it's easy to see the ham radio 
> potential.

I had mine on display at the NASA openouse outside in my Ham
radio idisplay and had it hooked to a 1 watt solar panel.  I was
surprised when it went dead a few hours later (initial state of
battery unknown)..

So overnight, I put it on a power supply and observed that the
run current is 480 mA and the sleep current is 360 mA.  That
surprised me.  At 12 volts, that is more like 6 watts than 2.
No wonder my 100 mA solar panel didn't help much...  Yes, the
internal battery is runnning around 6 volts which means about 3
watts, but still you have to give it at least 11.8 volts or so
before the switching regulator kicks in and draws much at all...

So to me it is a surprising 6 watts of etxternal power
consumption to power it...

Still I love it.

 The laptops are designed for 
> children (ages 
> 6-12) in third-world countries, the Sugar interface is a bit 
> awkward, and 
> there have been some serious blunders along the way. These 
> have dampened 
> enthusiasm in the USA.
> The official website is at www.laptop.org.
> Solid information is in the wiki:
> Unofficial but useful source: http://www.olpcnews.com/
> The second 'Give One, Get One' (G1,G1) program starts in 
> November and ships 
> through Amazon.
> 73, Scott N1AIA 
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