Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 18 11:10:16 PDT 2008

> Brings up the question, what is an OLPC?
> "One Laptop Per Child"....

> Nobody else has a OLPC. From where does one buy them?

You buy one and get one free that gets donated to some 3rd world
kid.  They ran a one month special last year in Nov.  Rumor is
that they will repeat the offer this november.  I was super gung
ho. Bought 3 of them.  Fantastic HAM radio laptop, has WIFI
built in, runs linux, cheap, color display designed for
visibility outside in the sun, low power, solar power or hand
crank, etc.  The ideal ham radio application machine for
field/disaster work.

But after I invested $1200 in my three, darned if the greedy USA
companies then canceled the offer because they don't want these
nearly perfect, ultimately $100 laptops to undercut their
high-cost USA sales of comparable consumer laptops.  So now only
a few of us have them.  But again, rumor is they will repeat the
sale this november?

> From: Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
> Hi folks, I am real close to getting the OLPC 
> To run a tnc and rig. I found A software called 
> PICOCOM/MINICOM Thats similar to hyperterm 
> in windows. 

What USB to serial port device do you use?


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