[amsat-bb] N5AFV Status

Allen F Mattis afmattis at hal-pc.org
Thu Sep 18 08:01:16 PDT 2008

Like the other Houston area AMSAT folks I made it through Hurricane 
Ike OK.  I still do not have electricity, cell phone coverage, or 
internet coverage (I am sending this from work).  Water pressure is 
low but toilets still flush.  Minor damage to my house - fences blown 
down and skylight damaged with minor water leaking into house. 
 Amateur radio antennas appear to have made it through the storm but I 
have not gone up on roof for detailed inspection.

I have been working the FM birds usingf my W32A and AL800 making about 
50 ctx so far post-hurricane.  Have not heard AO-27 the last two days. 
 SO-50 downlink was very weak on Wedneday (Sept 18).

Wife came down with stomach pains on Tuesday we thought were from food 
poisoning but turned out be appendicitis. Appendicectomy performed 
Wednesday evening and wife is in hospital recovering.

Just a few bumps in the road of life.

Allen N5AFV

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