[amsat-bb] Andy W5ACM is fine - Re: BOD and President

Andy MacAllister w5acm at swbell.net
Mon Sep 15 21:39:33 PDT 2008

Hi Bruce & AMSAT,

I won't attempt to comment on ducks and such, but will report that all is OK 
at W5ACM. I will be ready for the Houston AMSAT Net tomorrow evening, but 
with a rather diminished 2M antenna. Prior to the arrival of Ike, I took 
everything down except for a dual-band (20M & 40M) inverted V and put a 2M 
ground plane in place of the 2M, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 10M satellite 
antennas. It's not pretty, but it survived the winds. That's a lot more than 
I can say for a short section of yard fence and about half of an 80 ft tree 
in the front yard. I have spent a lot of time playing with generators, 
inverters and electric chain saws. It's back to work as usual, but there are 
still a lot of lose ends on the home front. At least I have intermittant 
water and electricity most of the time. The phone and internet connections 
come and go, but they are mostly good. Out on the streets, the gas lines are 
not bad, but they exist. About 20% of the traffic lights work, another 20% 
are blinking red. The rest are dark. There are lots of dark areas at night, 
exploding transformers and sirens. It's amazing stuff! I now get credit for 
being in Houston for Carla (1961), Alicia (1983) and Ike (2008). Perhaps I 
should move to Minnesota...

Now we need to hear from Marty. I hope his twisted pair works...

I will see you on the Houston AMSAT Net!

73 de Andy W5ACM

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> The new president could wind up being a lame duck ... here is why.
> the board elects the president at the first board meeting of the new
> board. typically it is someone on the board. typically you are elected
> to the board and over your years of service on the board are groomed
> (so to speak) to be president. you learn the workings of the
> organization etc.
> there are 7 board members with voting capabilites. there is one
> alternate (cannot vote). if all board members are present for a vote,
> there should never be a tie unless one member abstains.
> now, let's say that someone not on the board (with voting rights) is
> elected president. he will only have a vote in order to decide a tie,
> thus never being able to offer a measure for vote, never being able to
> second a measure and never being able to vote on it.
> wouldn't that make the president ineffective and a lame duck?
> btw things are fun here in Houston/Harris county. my house is fine
> except no electricity or water so stating at my sons apt which has
> everything ( a benefit to living near the medical center ). I have
> worked a weeks worth of time in 3 days. the next 4 days will be for
> mucho overtime. hope andy and marty are okay have not heard from them.
> 73...bruce
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