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Arthur Feller afeller at ieee.org
Mon Sep 15 14:21:12 PDT 2008

Hi, Joe,

Sounds good.  But:

On 15-Sep-2008, at 4:26 PM, joe cassano aka jmario wrote:

> I believe the bylaws should be changed to incorporate the following:
> 1.  assign responsibility for the production of an annual report to  
> the
>  the AMSAT President

The President will delegate as seen fit.  What's important is that the  
job gets done well.

> 2.  specify a list of topics which must be addressed in the annual  
> report

This is an ever changing list depending on fundraising, which is a  
common objective of an annual report.  Some judgement applies.

> 3.  require no more than a 3 month interval between the close of the
> calendar year and the publication of the annual report

The Annual Report should contain information from the audited  
financial statement of the corporation.  Normally, this isn't ready  
for at least six months after the close of the fiscal year.

> 4.  specify that publication must consist of mailing a copy to each
> member or posting a copy on the AMSAT website

Printing and mailing costs several thousands of dollars.  Suggest  
posting on the web site, as is done now, and putting the rest into  

Seems like the crew is doing reasonably well, given all requirements.

73, art.....
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