[amsat-bb] Annual Report Discussion

joe cassano aka jmario jmario at fast.net
Mon Sep 15 13:26:18 PDT 2008

AMSAT Members:

There have been several recent postings on the topic of an AMSAT Annual 
Report.  At the time of writing this (September 15, 2008) as near as I 
can determine the most recent annual report available to the membership 
  is for the year 2006 (see 

On reading the AMSAT bylaws the closest thing I can find to a 
requirement for an annual report is in Section 1 which states:   "An 
Annual Meeting of the corporation shall be held during October or 
November of each year at such time and place as the Board shall 
determine.  At this meeting, the President shall present a report to the 

I believe the bylaws should be changed to incorporate the following:

1.  assign responsibility for the production of an annual report to the 
  the AMSAT President

2.  specify a list of topics which must be addressed in the annual report

3.  require no more than a 3 month interval between the close of the 
calendar year and the publication of the annual report

4.  specify that publication must consist of mailing a copy to each 
member or posting a copy on the AMSAT website

It might be appropriate to post the annual report on the AMSAT website 
and then later in the year distribute a printed copy of the annual 
report in the same mailing that is used to distribute BOD candidate's 
CVs and the BOD candidate ballot form.

If you are a current AMSAT member your comments are solicited...

Joe Cassano - K3FMA
AMSAT member

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