[amsat-bb] Question about Circulair Polarisation

pe0sat pe0sat at vgnet.nl
Mon Sep 15 12:47:57 PDT 2008


Can I achive circular polarization the following way?

>From each dipole a length off aircell-7 to a dual power splitter with one
length being a quarter wave length longer than the other?

Dipool 50ohm ------------    |         |
                               splitter  --------------- transceiver 50ohm
Dipool 50ohm --------------- |         |

I made one lenght longer following this calculation:
lambda/4 * V that gave a lenght of 0.690/4 x 0.83 = 0.143m
for Aircell-7 coax cable.

Now switching the coax between the dipoles I will get LHCP or RHCP.

Is there anything wrong in this approach? My reason for asking, is the
fact that now in fixed RHCP position, AO-51 is very weak, weaker then
before when I used a vertical placed yagi. (see
http://www.ham.vgnet.nl/?Blog:Sept_2008 for more detail)

73's PE0SAT

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