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Announcement from Matt Ettus:


USRP News and Announcements
September 2008


1   USRP2 Now Available
2   Status of the original USRP
3   Daughterboard Status
4   Upcoming Events


1   USRP2 Now Available

We are very happy to be able to announce that the USRP2 is now
available for purchase.  The USRP2 builds on the success of the
original USRP, and adds these new features:

   - Gigabit Ethernet interface
   - 25 MHz of instantaneous RF bandwidth
   - Xilinx Spartan 3-2000 FPGA
   - Dual 100 MHz 14-bit ADCs
   - Dual 400 MHz 16-bit DACs
   - 1 MB of high-speed SRAM
   - Locking to an external 10 MHz reference
   - 1 PPS (pulse per second) input
   - Configuration stored on standard SD cards
   - Standalone operation
   - The ability to lock multiple systems together for MIMO
   - Compatibility with all the same daughterboards as the original USRP

At this time, the USRP2 is in "beta release" state.  Not all of the 
software and/or features are currently ready for production use.  The USRP2
is initially supported on Linux, and we anticipate that drivers
for Windows, Mac OS X, and other systems will be developed in the
coming months.

We are currently offering the USRP2 for a special introductory price
of $1400, which may change in early 2009.

Due to the high initial demand, and the beta release status, we 
have made some modifications to the normal order fulfillment process:

     - You may order as many systems as you like, but we can only
ship up to 2 units to each customer from the first batch.  The
remainder will be held as a back-order, and will be shipped when 
available.  You can cancel the remainder at any time, if you wish.

     - Precedence will be given to longtime members of, and
contributors to, the GNU Radio / USRP community.
     - There are no quantity, academic, distributor, reseller, or other 
discounts.  We will not be selling to resellers for the time being,
only directly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel that
this policy will ensure that we can get systems to the maximum number
of users in the short term.  

The USRP2 package includes the USRP2 motherboard, an enclosure,
2 SMA-SMA Bulkhead cables for RF, an ethernet cable, power supply,
SD memory card, and a hardware packet.  The USRP2 is only available in
this complete package configuration.

Also available are extra ethernet cables, extra SD cards, and SD 
memory reader/writers for USB ports.  The power supply is the same 
as the one used for the original USRP.

For those wishing to use their USRP2s in a MIMO configuration, we are
selling the USRP2 MIMO cable for $70 each.  You only need 1 MIMO cable
for every pair of USRP2s.

The beginning of a wiki page for the USRP2 is at:



2   Status of the original USRP

We will continue to produce and support the original USRP for the 
forseeable future.  We have no intention of discontinuing it.  

There is no trade-in or upgrade program available.


3   Daughterboard Status

Unfortunately, the release of the WBX0510 has been significantly
delayed.  We hope to have it ready in early 2009.  We are sorry for 
any inconvenience this may have caused.

The RFX400, which covers 400 to 500 MHz has been reintroduced, at the 
original price of $275.  These are available to order immediately.


4   Upcoming Events

The USRP2 will demonstrated at the TAPR Digital Communications
Conference, and will be the subject of a technical talk given by Matt.
The DCC is being held in Chicago from September 26th through 28th.


Ettus Research is proud to be a sponsor of the 2008 IEEE DySPAN 
conference on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks.  Johnathan Corgan of
Corgan Enterprises will be giving a half-day tutorial on GNU Radio and
the USRP, and there will be public demonstrations of the USRP and
USRP2.  DySPAN 2008 will be held from October 14th through 17th in
Chicago, Illinois.


Ettus Research will be exhibiting at the SDR'08 Technical Conference
and Product Exposition, being held from October 26th through 30th in
Washington, D.C.  Matt is also the chair for the "Open Source Hardware
and Software" session which will feature several exciting papers. 
Additionally, Ettus Research is proud to be a sponsor of the 2008
Smart Radio Challenge, a competition between university teams to solve
real world communication problems using software radios.


If you attend any of these events, please make sure to stop by and 
introduce yourself!

ARRL SDR Working Group Chair
Member: ARRL, AMSAT, AMSAT-DL, TAPR, Packrats,
"Trample the slow ....  Hurdle the dead"

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