[amsat-bb] Double leo satellites

Håkan Harrysson sm7wsj at telia.com
Sun Sep 14 03:55:24 PDT 2008


I was just wondering.

Should it be possible to launch two Leo satellites with transponders who are connected to eatch other? I am not sure i can explain exactly what i mean, but if we imagine one of them (satellite A) are heading my direction in a west pass and retransmitts that on the ordinary way and then also retransmitts what it hears to the other Leo satellite (Satellite B) who is in sight of satellite A but just more west then i am located.

I think in that way i could work NA every day?

It feels like with new SDR transponders and the problem to get satellites in higher orbits this could be a way to go?

This is no HEO/LEO discussion, just some thinking that maybe have gone wrong HI!

73 de Hakan  SM7WSJ

Who is also pulling for P3E

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