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Tim Tapio tim at timtapio.com
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I use the USB converters from Parallax. I haven't had one that didn't work
in an application yet. I've also used a keyspan device, one USB to 4 serial,
they're on the pricey side and mine died but it worked quite well when it
was working.

My $.02

73 De Tim, K4SHF FM04

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Re: SatPC32 Interface to Yaesu G 5400B

New to the group... I tried to access the archives but there isn't an easy
way to search them, so forgive me if this question has come up and been
answered before.

I'm helping a friend migrate to a new USB-only XP computer where he wants to
run SatPC32 and interface it to a Yaesu 847 radio and a Yaesu G 5400B Az/El

Our first problem is coming up with USB-to-serial converters that will work
with the serial feeds to the radio and rotor. I tried one brand of converter
and that didn't work. I know such converters are finicky, so I'll try
another brand and hope that works. If I'm successful, that should solve the
CAT control of the radio via SatPC32.

But I'm not sure how to interface to the rotor. SatPC32 does not have a
rotor control choice for the G 5400B. Has anyone solved this problem?

Comments and suggestions welcome.


Ralph KC2RLM 

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