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Grant Hodgson grant at ghengineering.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 12:27:09 PDT 2008


There was an update on P3E at the Amsat-UK Colloquium in July 2008. 
This was filmed and archived at www.batc.tv > film archive > Lecture 9.

Lecture 10 gives an update on P5A.

In a nutshell :- Amsat-DL are treating P5A as the primary mission, with 
P3E being a 'test bed' for P5A carrying some of the P5A communication 
systems, along with some rather useful transponders of course.  The 
rationale being that P3E flies first to prove the various systems 
required for P5A, thus de-risking the latter.

Amsat-DL are seeking funding for the combined P5A/P3E project.

Full details in the presentations - recommended viewing.


Grant  G8UBN

 >Is there anything going on with p3e, or is it a fantasy to think
we will ever have another Heo?

 >keith N6ORS

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