[amsat-bb] 14-Sept. WX balloon launch with UHF->VHF FM transponder.

Cor spacecor at hetnet.nl
Fri Sep 12 10:10:45 PDT 2008

Hello All,

At 14 September is a balloon Fox hunt in Holland.
On the Weather balloon is mounted:
UHF -> VHF   FM   transponder.
ATV video transmitter (with camera on balloon looking down to earth).

The ATV video stream is also to follow (live) via internet.
The ATV video transmitter TX on 2330Mhz.

The FM transponder frequenties are:
Uplink: 432.550Mhz FM
Downlink: 145.475Mhz FM

In the past I was been able to work hams
from five (nearby) countries via the balloon

More info is to see on:

73's Cor PD0RKC
Ham Radio In Space: http://iss.ontwikkel.nl

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