[amsat-bb] Re: Uh, ISS, We Have a Problem...

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Sep 12 01:10:28 PDT 2008

On Sep 11, 2008, at 11:07 PM, Clint Bradford wrote:

> Well, it’s happening right now. Eleven laptop computers in a nearby
> hotel are controlling the ISS, since NASA's Johnson Space Center in
> Houston closed Thursday due to the approaching storm.

Working for a company that makes videoconferencing gear, and putting  
that out as a "disclaimer"... it made me think ... wow... not a whole  
lot of excuses for not using modern technology and closing down LOTS  
of "old fashioned" office buildings whenever possible, with more  
professionals working from home.

Less fuel/cars, less travel, lots of other benefits... and the kicker  
phrase to use to get people thinking differently...

"Hey, if you can control ISS from a hotel room..."

Lots of hams with complete "remote control" ham shacks, and clubs  
doing it too for the folks who can't have towers/antennas.  I'd rather  
see those folks able to do what they like with their land they OWN,  
including towers if they want.  So un-American to put up with  
Homeowner's Associations and forced contracts of behavior for your own  
LAND... but... it's cool that the technology along with broadband  
Internet, allows things to get done easily from "somewhere else",  
securely, safely, and it all works.

Of course, the geek in me wants to know HOW they're doing it.   
Wouldn't it be cool if there's a bunch of VNC or similar free tools  
doing the job?  I doubt it, but hey... whatever.  They're pulling it  

Wonder how they're getting the comms back and forth too... is the  
voice comm person in the hotel room too?

Yeah, yeah, I know they have some folks staying in Mission Control...  
but it's still cool.  And obviously "do-able" to "remote control"  
everything -- well mostly everything.  (There's mention on  
SpaceFlightNow's article that the solar panel pointing, of all goofy  
things, isn't something they can do from the hotel room.  Wonder why?)

Nate Duehr, WY0X
nate at natetech.com

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