[amsat-bb] COMPASS recovered :-)

Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Wed Sep 10 15:11:13 PDT 2008

Hi all,


COMPASS-1 is back in NORMAL mode. At 21:44 UTC I could command successfully
the satellite. Today the battery voltage seems locked at 4.0 volts.


Thanks to all - this is truly a worldwide ham radio effort - thanks so much
for your help.



PLEASE do NOT send any commands to COMPASS until further notice



I will publish the commands for requesting housekeeping data and additional
information tomorrow. Meanwhile please listen to the beacon and keep your
fingers crossed that COMPASS will remain in its normal mode. We are on the
right way !


01:00 UTC ff002800000000103049cc00ff    4.00V  (JA0CAW)

01:05 UTC FF001204000000103049CC00F8    4.00V  (JA6PL, JA0CAW)

01:08 UTC FF002900000000103049CC0000    4.00V  (JA6PL, JA0CAW)

02:13 UTC 29000000000000103049CC0703    4.00V  (KD8CAO)

02:17 UTC 29000000000000103049CC1500    4.00V  (KD8CAO)

02:21 UTC FF071000000000103049CC00FF    4.00V  (KD8CAO)

03:00 UTC ff001105000000103049cc00f3    4.00V  (Artur, Tainan)

03:50 UTC 29000000000000103049C91203    3.94V  (KD8CAO)

03:54 UTC 29000000000000103049C81201    3.92V  (KD8CAO)

03:58 UTC 83000023180000103049C80300    3.92V  (KD8CAO)

07:30 UTC 55000057731400103049d600ff    4.20V  (DK3WN)

07:34 UTC 70000040860000103049d600ff    4.20V  (DK3WN)

09:04 UTC ff002000000300103049d100ff    4.00V  (DK3WN)

09:07 UTC ff001800000000103049d100ff    4.10V  (DK3WN)

09:11 UTC ff002000000000103049d100ff    4.10V  (DK3WN)

09:54 UTC 29000000000000103049CC1205    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

09:57 UTC 29000000000000103049CC0707    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

10:01 UTC 29000000000000103049CC1109    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

10:05 UTC 29000000000000103049CC....    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

10:40 UTC ff002300000000103049cc00ff    4.00V  (DK3WN)

10:44 UTC ff002300000000103049cc00f4    4.00V  (DK3WN)

10:48 UTC ff002500000000103049cc00f6    4.00V  (DK3WN)

11:30 UTC 29000000000000103049CC1307    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

11:34 UTC 29000000000000103049CC1207    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

11:38 UTC 29000000000000103049CC0709    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

11:54 UTC 29000000000000103049CC1207    4.00V  (JA6PL, JA1GDE)

11:58 UTC 29000000000000103049CC0704    4.00V  (JA6PL, JA0CAW, JA1GDE)

12:02 UTC 29000000000000103049CC0703    4.00V  (JA6PL, JA0CAW, JA1GDE)

12:17 UTC ....0047430000103049cc00ff    4.00V  (DK3WN)

13:32 UTC 29000000000000103049cc0700    4.00V  (JA0CAW)

13:36 UTC 29000000000000103049cc0702    4.00V  (JA0CAW)

18:28 UTC 29000000000000103049cc1303    4.00V  (DK3WN)

18:32 UTC ff000000001400103049cc00ff    4.00V  (DK3WN, PE1ITR)

18:36 UTC d1000500000700103049cc020000  4.00V  (DK3WN, PE1ITR)  **
additional "00" !

19:18 UTC ..............103049CC00FF    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

20:05 UTC 29000000000000103049cc0702    4.00V  (DK3WN)

20:09 UTC ff070700000000103049cc00f4    4.00V  (DK3WN)

20:12 UTC ff000108000000103049cc00ff    4.00V  (DK3WN)

20:37 UTC FF000807050000103049CC00F4    4.00V  (NH7WN)

20:40 UTC FF010007060000103049CC00FF    4.00V  (NH7WN)

20:51 UTC FF010300000800103049CC00D8    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

20:55 UTC F6000000001400103049CC0002    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

20:59 UTC F6000600001000103049CC0001    4.00V  (ZL2BX)

21:42 UTC 29000000000000103049cc1303    4.00V  (DK3WN)

21:44 UTC commanded to NORMAL mode

21:45 UTC 71260000050000003049c80000    3.92V  (DK3WN) ** successfully back
in normal mode

21:49 UTC 70290000301800303049d300ff    4.14V  (DK3WN) ** OK :-)


73, a lucky DK3WN ..

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