[amsat-bb] COMPASS recovery efforts - THANKS !

Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Tue Sep 9 11:48:11 PDT 2008

Hi all,


I got a lot of beacons from many stations. Thank you so much for your

The battery voltage is now around 4 volts. We will wait another day before
we switch into NORMAL mode.



PLEASE do NOT send any commands to COMPASS until further notice



00:42 UTC 85008007060700102949c600ff    3.88V  (JA0CAW, JA1GDE)

00:47 UTC 60087021070000102949D00000    4.08V  (JA6PL, JA0CAW, JA1GDE)

00:50 UTC 40009012020000102949c60000    3.88V  (JA0CAW, JA1GDE)

01:55 UTC 29000000000000102949c21704    3.80V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)

01:59 UTC 48000000005000102949c10701    3.78V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)

02:03 UTC 82290018070000102949c00800    3.76V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)

02:23 UTC 83009000000400102949C600FF    3.88V  (JA6PL)

02:27 UTC 90077200370400102949C800FF    3.92V  (JA6PL)

03:32 UTC 29000100000000102949C31504    3.82V  (KD8CAO)

03:36 UTC 29000000000000102949C21901    3.80V  (KD8CAO)

03:39 UTC 70000200004100102949C50000    3.86V  (KD8CAO)

07:12 UTC 95008000000000102949c800ff    3.92V  (DK3WN)

08:45 UTC ff001800000700102949cc00ff    4.00V  (DK3WN)

08:49 UTC ff000111090000102949c900f6    3.94V  (DK3WN, M3RXX)

08:53 UTC ff002900000000102949c900ff    3.94   (DK3WN)

09:40 UTC 29000000000000102949C61608    3.88V  (ZL2BX)

09:43 UTC 29000000000000102949C51607    3.86V  (ZL2BX)

10:07 UTC 50000000003600102949c20701    3.80V  (JA0CAW)

10:22 UTC 70007200400700102949c700f9    3.90V  (DK3WN)

10:26 UTC aa057000301800102949d60000    4.20V  (DK3WN)

10:29 UTC 90008820290700102949d100ff    4.10V  (DK3WN)

11:12 UTC 29000000000000102949C71507    3.90V  (ZL2BX)

11:16 UTC 29000000000000102949C71807    3.90V  (ZL2BX)

11:20 UTC 29000000000000102949C71608    3.90V  (ZL2BX)

11:35 UTC 29000000000000102949c51502    3.98V  (JA0CAW, JA6PL, JA1GDE)

11:39 UTC 29000000000000102949c41805    3.84V  (JA0CAW, JA6PL, JA1GDE)

11:43 UTC 59000000536000102949c40000    3.84V  (JA0CAW, JA1GDE)

11:58 UTC 79050030700700102949cc00ff    4.00V  (DK3WN)

12:02 UTC ee073500502800102949d400ff    4.16V  (DK3WN)

13:07 UTC 29000100000000102949c51806    3.86V  (Artur, Tainan)

13:17 UTC 29000000000000102949c51904    3.86V  (JA0CAW)

13:21 UTC 56000000000000102949c41401    3.84V  (JA0CAW)

13:43 UTC 50000050800000102949cc00ff    4.00V  (W1ICW)

13:47 UTC d8070848430000102949d100ff    4.10V  (W1ICW)

15:16 UTC 56071507830700102949cc00ff    4.00V  (W1ICW)

15:20 UTC 81088007321800102949d50000    4.18V  (W1ICW)

15:23 UTC 56027207501600102949cc00ff    4.00V  (W1ICW)

16:51 UTC 4000a000180400102949cc0001    4.00V  (W1ICW)

16:55 UTC 60008018070000102949cc00ff    4.00V  (W1ICW)

18:10 UTC ................2949cc1704    4.00V  (DK3WN)

18:14 UTC 79000000005000102949c90700    3.94V  (DK3WN)

18:18 UTC 48120018150000103049cc0300    4.00V  (DK3WN)   


I try to keep up to date my satblog. See here: http://www.dk3wn.info/p

Thank you and stay tuned :-) 

73, Mike



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