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Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Mon Sep 8 21:29:27 PDT 2008

Yes, I am very happy about the worldwide support and efforts. This is ham spirit! 

The next step will be to bring COMPASS back into NORMAL mode. Only then we can request housekeeping data and maybe take a picture of the earth.

Thank you again to all. 73, MikeDK3WN
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Betreff: Re: [amsat-bb] COMPASS in powersafe mode
Gesendet: Mo, 08. Sep 2008
Von: rogerkola at aol.com

Congratulations Mike! Your efforts at rounding up the troops looks to have paid off....

Truly a worldwide ham radio effort!


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Hi all,COMPASS is back in powersafe mode :-). You should hear the beacon now every 3 minutes.08.09.2008 17:56UTC    40000000000000102949c01401---------------------------------------------------Solar Cell Voltage     1.25 VSolar Panel 6 Cur      0.00 mASolar Panel 2 Cur      0.00 mASolar Panel 3 Cur      0.00 mASolar Panel 4 Cur      0.00 mASolar Panel 5 Cur      0.00 mAEPS Reset Counter      0 Power Level            Low Battery Capacity Heater Active          Battery Heater OFF Power Safe Counter     41 Emergency Mode Counter     73 Battery Voltage        3.76 VBattery Current        125.49 mABattery Temperature     1 °CNow it&#146;s very important to collect telemetry. If the voltage climbover 4volt we can change to NORMAL mode. ********************************************************PLEASE do NOT send any commands to COMPASS until further notice********************************************************If you send any commands you overwrite the current settings and COMPASS mayfall back into emergency mode.I will keep you informed about the next steps.For your information here are recent reports from today. Thank you very muchfor your efforts.23:55 UTC    ..............201800B72903    heater off   3.59V  (VE9QRP)[Aug 08, 2008]---01:40 UTC    29000000000000201800BB2902    heater off   3.67V  (VE9QRP)02:06 UTC    29000000000000201800C129FF    heater off   3.78V  (JA6PL)03:12 UTC    29000000000000201800BB2903    heater off   3.67V  (KD8CAO)09:26 UTC    51100180700000202901BB1807    heater off   3.67V  (ZL2BX)10:54 UTC    29000000000000202902C11607    heater off   3.78V  (ZL2BX)11:16 UTC    29000000000000202902C01605    heater off   3.76V  (JA6PL,JA0CAW)11:45 UTC    74088224201100102902c300ff    heater off   3.82V  (M3RRX)12:53 UTC    90002900065900202907c20004    heater off   3.80V  (JE9PEL,JA0CAW)13:30 UTC    53090030980500202916d200ff    heater off   4.12V  (W1ICW)   :-)00DP0COM/ COMPASS 1/ 012345/ COMPASS/ 100DP0COM/ COMPASS 1/ 012345/ COMPASS /114:57 UTC    87076900003400202947c700ff    heater off   3.90V  (W1ICW)17:56 UTC    40000000000000102949c01401    heater off   3.76V  (DK3WN)  Any beacon reports are very appreciated.73, MikeDK3WN_______________________________________________Sent via AMSAT-BB at amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.Not an AMSAT-NA member? Join now to support the amateur satellite program!Subscription settings: http://amsat.org/mailman/listinfo/amsat-bbLooking for spoilers and reviews on the new TV season? Get AOL's ultimate guide to fall TV. 

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