[amsat-bb] Compass-1 happy this morning

Bob DeVarney W1ICW we1u at verizon.net
Mon Sep 8 06:35:28 PDT 2008

sent the new command list, and got confirmations right at AOS.  Good 
news to start a Monday morning off.
Copied the following telemetry:

00DP0COM/ COMPASS 1/ 012345/ COMPASS/ 1

COMPASS 53090030980500202916D200FF

00DP0COM/ COMPASS 1/ 012345/ COMPASS /1

And the decoded telemetry shows:

08.09.2008 13:30UTC    53090030980500202916d200ff
Solar Cell Voltage     1.63 V
Solar Panel 6 Cur      56.47 mA
Solar Panel 2 Cur      31.37 mA
Solar Panel 3 Cur      953.73 mA
Solar Panel 4 Cur      301.18 mA
Solar Panel 5 Cur      0.00 mA
EPS Reset Counter      0
Power Level            Critical Battery Capacity
Heater Active          Battery Heater OFF
Power Safe Counter     41
Emergency Mode Counter     22
Battery Voltage        4.12 V
Battery Current        0.00 mA
Battery Temperature     -1 °C

vy 73 de Bob W1ICW

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