[amsat-bb] COMPASS beacon

Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Sun Sep 7 03:03:00 PDT 2008

Hi all,


just heard a very good sounding beacon from COMPASS.


07.09.2008 09:50UTC    70074030370000210100b807ff


Solar Cell Voltage     2.20 V

Solar Panel 6 Cur      43.92 mA

Solar Panel 2 Cur      0.00 mA

Solar Panel 3 Cur      345.10 mA

Solar Panel 4 Cur      301.18 mA

Solar Panel 5 Cur      401.57 mA

EPS Reset Counter      0 

Power Level            Critical Battery Capacity 

Heater Active          Battery Heater ON 

Power Safe Counter     1 

Emergency Mode Counter     0 

Battery Voltage        3.61 V

Battery Current        43.92 mA

Battery Temperature     -1 °C


Voltage increased and powersafe counter as well.  That means no reset during
the last eclipse.

Can somebody try to send the commands, please ????


Thanks ,

73 Mike


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