[amsat-bb] Re: AT&T's DSL Internet service

David Donaldson wb7dru at usfamily.net
Sat Sep 6 23:21:32 PDT 2008

I have run 2 meg DSL from Frontier (there are only so many ways one can
install ADSL) and will be similar to AT&T.  I have had not had any problems
of interference from the DSL.  The cheap routers and access points sold
today, yes but nothing from the DSL carrier on the twisted pair.  I do all
my filtering at the DMARK point, which happens to be just where the cable
enters the house.  I also have my modem and AP there with a router feeding
the rest of the house.

And as to the poor sales guy who claimed 6 meg (let alone 6 geg) at 15K feet
from MTSO...physics has a problem with that.....



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