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D. Craig Fox DFox at rwglaw.com
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I have had ATT DSL for several years here in the OC.  I pay the minimum $20/mo and average around 1.5mbps down, 700kbps up- faster than they advertise.  I run it through a wired/wireless router.  No issues with filtering.  I have a TS 2000.  no issues at all.  They are just starting to advertise faster options but this seems fine for what I do (I don't download blu-ray movies LOL).  Best deal around. 

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I have had recent experience with ATT DSL. About 8 months ago My wife decided to change our COMCAST cable service to an ATT DSL/DishNetwork bundle. (She did this w/out consulting me!) She was assured by ATT that the DSL service would provide the same or better than 6 gig service we were enjoying (trouble free) from Comcast. In fact ATT made a big point that using a cable modem we were sharing bandwidth (you still do with DSL upstream of the DSLAM). 

Truth be told, ATT could not deliver 6 gig service to our home 15,000 feet from the DSLAM. The copper network is very old and deteriorated. In fact after having troubles: 1) they wanted to downgrade the GOS, 2) They no longer offered the 6 gig GOS to my block. I also spent a lot of time rewiring the phones in the house to deal with DSL filtering issues.

ATT's real reason to market the DSL/Dishnetwork bundle is to pull customers from the local cable service in anticipation of their fiber to home video service that they are slowly rolling out. I would avoid ATT DSL unless you have a DSLAM in your neighborhood and you have neighbors who are satisfied with the service. Otherwise, steer clear. Also the DishNetwork service has been a bit troublesome in performance and HD channel packages. So now I am back with Comcast for internet and stuck with Dishnetwork HDTV for 10 more months.

Also ATT has blocked usenet binaries groups so if you were getting manuals, files and schematics from ABSE or similar newsgroups, you are out of business.

    Has anyone on the BBS had any experience with AT&T's DSL Internet

    I will be using a Apple IMac computer and the people here in town
    don't seem to know anything about a Mac computer.

    I would also like to know if upgrading to DSL will cause any
    interference on my TS2000????

    Perry WB8OTH--

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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