[amsat-bb] ISS gets a new TM-700 transceiver and VC-H1

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ISS Amateur Radio Status: September 5, 2008
By Miles Mann WF1F,

ISS gets a new TM-700 transceiver and VC-H1

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Hello all:

There are tentative plans to fly the backup spare Kenwood TM-700 from Russia to the International Space Station on this months September 9th Progress-30 cargo rocket.  The current Kenwood D700 on ISS has been in space since August 2003 and in Powered-On service since December 2003.

In anticipation of Garriott’s upcoming mission in October 2008, the Russian team decided to fly the spare D700 along with a complete set of cables and computer interface VOX box into space.  In addition to the D700, there are also plans to fly the Kenwood VC-H1 SSTV image communicator.

As with all payloads going into ISS, the priority of a project determines its status.  If another project comes along with a higher priority, it is possible that the Amateur radio hardware can be removed from the flight manifest at any time before launch.  We will not know for sure until a few weeks after launch if the Amateur Radio hardware was actually shipped to ISS on Progress-30.

Kenwood VC-H1 communicator

Pictures of the Existing Kenwood TM-D700 on ISS

Pictures of the Amateur Radio station on the International Space Station.

Slow Scan TV:
The Marex Slow Scan TV project, SpaceCam1 was activated for a few weeks in August 2006.  We hope to see some new images in October 2008


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