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> Congratulations on surviving the first calendar month since June 1913
> had no reportable sunspots.  And counting.  Of course, we satellite
> operators don't need no stinking sunspots, but have a word of sympathy for
> your friends who work only HF.
> Alan
Hi Alan, WA4SCA

As a satellite operator I need to stink at sunspots and sun activity looking
periodically at the Solar Radio Flux here let say every week



When I know the value of the Solar Flux in sfu's I can measure the Sun-Noise
received by my satellite receiving systems particularly at 2400 MHz and I
can see it the healt state of it is nominal or not.

The above procedure is particularly used by all EME'rs

Our very well calibrated signal source at no cost is the Sun

If someone is interest in the above procedure and the software to be used
please let me know.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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